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Exchange Rates

USA - USD 1.3351.359
Australia - AUD0.850.92
China - CNY0.170.19
Mexico - MXN0.0660.071
Switzerland - CHF1.3351.395
Japan - JPY0.0090.0099
India - INR0.01350.018
Turkey - TRY0.0750.095
Dominician - DOP0.0220.027
Costa Rica-CRC0.00180.0022
Brazil - BRL0.230.28
Colombia - COP0.000280.00036
Chile - CLP0.00120.0016
Korea - KRW0.000950.0012
UAE - AED0.3250.355
Saudi Arabia-SAR0.310.36
Morocco - MAD0.130.16
Qatar - QAR0.330.37

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Seven money exchange


Seven money exchange

Our exchange rates guaranteed to beat the best rates from our competitors and banks. We are working with the top commercial banks in Canada, USA and all around the world.

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